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16th June 2016 // The Kensington Close Hotel, London


The Flightglobal MRO Forum 2016 took place on 16th June in London. With just over 100 attendees the event was a great gathering of MRO professionals.

With a panel discussion only format and with active participation from the entire audience some of the key topics addressed included;

  • What does the increased dominance of the OEMs mean for the industry and what can the independent MROs do to stay competitive in the market
  • The issues airlines are facing, how they are planning to overcome these and whether they will choose to opt for OEMs or independent MROs going forward
  • What are the secrets of unlocking big data in commercial aviation to boost efficiency and spot issues before they become problems
  • As fuel prices decline and older aircraft become more profitable to operate at higher utilisations than new aircraft, we will be asking the experts whether this is a viable long term strategy

Thank you to all our sponsors and attendees. We hope to see you next year. Register your interest today to ensure you are the first to hear about next year’s conference. We look forward to welcoming you in 2017.

There are a number of delegate places that are available for airlines to attend Flightglobal's MRO Forum for free. If you want one of these complimentary places you can find more Details Here. The conference brochure for the Flightglobal MRO Forum is now available to download, with full session details, key expert speakers, networking opportunitities and much more. Download it here. Our Fleets Analyzer helps today’s MRO, OEM and Aftermarket aviation professionals access the industry’s most trusted, reliable and timely aircraft data, reporting and forecasting. Request Your Demo Here. Mick Adams, the Vice President MRO Services for Etihad Airways has more than three decades hands-on experience in aviation and leadership and will join our opening panel to analyse the MRO market over the next five years. Flightglobal MRO Forum will take place at The Kensington Close Hotel in London. For full venue details and special accommodation rates for delegates Click Here. Hisham Nasser, Chairman Advisor for Maintenance and Engineering at EgyptAir joins us to look at what introducing a new fleet means for your MRO.
Stephen Alcock
ATR Director Technical Sales
Silvester Špehar
Production Planning & Control Manager
Croatia Airlines
Moderator: Malcolm Cox
Mackenzie Morgan
Joel Ferreira
Innovation and Technology Manager
TAP Portugal
Daniel Galea
Head of Aircraft Maintenance
Mediterranean Aviation Co Ltd
Moderator: Max Kingsley-Jones
Executive Director Content
Ramzi Mansour
Director Business Development & Strategies
Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited – JorAMCo
Aileen McDowell
VP Airlines

Day 1: Thursday 16 June

Coffee & Registration
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Andrew Doyle, Director, Aerospace Market, FlightGlobal
Opening panel: What are the key business drivers that will shape the MRO market for the next five years?
  • Insight into emerging MRO trends in Europe and the Middle East, and how they will develop
  • How rising aircraft deliveries are impacting maintenance demand
  • What actions the region’s MRO players must take to stay competitive in the global marketplace
  • Analysis of the changing maintenance requirements of airlines and what this means for MROs
Moderator - Robert Thomson, Partner, Roland Berger
Mick Adams, Vice President MRO Services, Etihad Airways
Richard Evans, Senior Consultant, Ascend Flightglobal Consultancy
Aileen McDowall, VP Airlines (EMEAI) , Honeywell
Airline panel: Defining the optimum maintenance strategy
  • As fleets grow, should airlines outsource more of their MRO requirements?
  • Do low oil prices and better profitability mean it’s the right time for airlines to invest in upgrading and expanding their in-house engine and component repair and overhaul capabilities?
  • Are independent MROs up to the task? From the airline perspective, is there enough competition in the market between OEMs and smaller/independent MRO providers?
Moderator: Max Kingsley-Jones, Executive Director Content, FlightGlobal
Ramzi Mansour, Director Business Development & Strategies, Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited – JorAMCo
Geir Steiro, COO & Accountable Manager , Norwegian Air Shuttle
Aileen McDowall, VP Airlines (EMEAI) , Honeywell
Mid-Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area
An in-depth look at OEM aftermarket provision
  • Will OEMs allow the spread of third-party maintenance and component overhaul capabilities?
  • Analysis of opposition to OEM control of the aftermarket: where is it coming from and is it justified?
  • What is the economic impact of OEM dominance for airlines?
  • Does it make business sense for airlines to share their airborne health monitoring data with the OEMs?
Moderator: Malcolm Cox, Director, Mackenzie Morgan
Fergus Woods, Head of APU Services , Dublin Aerospace
Alistair Forbes, Services Research Manager, Rolls-Royce
Robert Thomson, Partner, Roland Berger
Is the MRO industry’s information technology infrastructure fit for the future?
  • Understanding the cost of obsolete MRO IT and what needs to be done to fix it
  • The challenge of linking latest-generation MRO software to critical financial and procurement systems
  • Paperless maintenance: How IATA is leading the drive towards digitised technical records to slash costs and speed up lease-returns
  • Could a global database of life-limited parts save the industry more than $1 billion per year?
  • RFID tagging: How will the ‘internet of things’ revolutionise MRO?
Chris Markou, Head of Operational Cost Management, Flight Operations, IATA
Andres Kjerulf, Maintenance Manager , Jet Support
Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area
What impact will increasingly frequent cabin upgrades have on maintenance demand?
  • How can MROs better support the business case for airlines to upgrade their premium cabins?
  • Sizing the opportunity – how critical will cabin capabilities become as the in-service fleet grows?
  • How can the industry reduce the cost and complexity of replacing seats, galleys and IFE systems?
Ramzi Mansour, Director Business Development & Strategies, Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited – JorAMCo
Data overload? What the predictive maintenance revolution means for your business
  • Airborne health monitoring (AHM) data: What can be done with it and should be shared?
  • How can independent MROs compete if they don’t have the data?
  • How can AHM data actually cut costs? Will the regulators allow scheduled inspections to be deferred?
  • Can and should older-generation aircraft be equipped for AHM?
Joel Ferreira, Innovation and Technology Manager , TAP Portugal
Arjan Stander, Senior Consultant MRO, ADSE Consulting & Engineering
Afternoon refreshments
What impact will sustained low oil prices have on maintenance and the commercial aftermarket?
  • Does maintaining less-efficient aircraft in service for longer make sense in the face of low oil prices?
  • How should airlines and MROs adjust their business strategies as a result?
  • Is your business prepared for the next ‘oil shock’?
Andrew Doyle, Director, Aerospace Market, FlightGlobal
David Rushe, Sales and Marketing Manager , Magellan Aviation Group
Richard Evans, Senior Consultant, Ascend Flightglobal Consultancy
Alistair Forbes, Services Research Manager, Rolls-Royce
Seizing the opportunity: How should your business be benefitting from the growth of the part-out market?
  • Experts are predicting up to 800 airliner retirements per year: What are the business opportunities and can the industry cope?
  • Can tear-down providers do a better job of feeding parts back into the MRO network, and what more can be done to improve record-keeping?
  • Is the industry doing enough to share best-practice to overcome tear-down challenges?
David Hygate, Sales Manager, SGI Aviation
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
Andrew Doyle, Director, Aerospace Market, FlightGlobal

Book your place today for £799. Airlines may be eligible for a free place

Reasons to Attend

With access to the most up-to-date data and trends, through our Fleets Analyzer, the Flightglobal MRO Forum helps today’s MROs and OEMs quickly and accurately identify business development opportunities, gain an unparalleled understanding of the global fleet and stay well informed of industry movements

As OEMs increase their dominance we ask the industry what does this mean for them and what can independent MROs do to stay competitive in the market? 

Find out the issues airlines are facing, how they are planning to overcome these and whether they will choose to opt for OEM or independent MROs going forward

With 120 senior industry experts in attendance, we make it easier for our attendees to collaborate and network face-to-face.   


2015 testimonials include:
  Good networking and information gathering opportunity  
Senior Advisor, Nyras
  Good opportunity to share experience  
Production and Planning Manager , Croatia Airlines
  Very interesting  
Head of Aircraft Maintenance , Medavia
  Good return on invesment for our company 
Marketing Manager , Dedalus Tech
  Very informative and to the subject 
Chairman Advisor , Egypt Air Holding Company
2016 Airline Attendees included:
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