Technology and Innovation in Airline Distribution and Merchandising 2015 :: Welcome
6th - 7th May 2015, The Royal Garden Hotel, London
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Technology and Innovation in Airline Distribution and Merchandising 2015

Technology and Innovation in Airline Distribution and Merchandising 2015, taking place on 6th and 7th May 2015, will seek to identify the key decisions and challenges in distribution and merchandising to push the debate forwards. Distribution and merchandising remains front and centre of the discussion on airline profitability – but to have an impact there are still significant business challenges to address.

Ensure you register today to debate key issues including the relationships between airlines and travel agents, changes to regulation, payments, big data, ancillary revenues, the corporate traveller, mobile, PSS and e-commerce.


Attend to:

  • Hear exceptional content from leading distribution and merchandising experts from across the whole supply chain
  • Gain insights from airlines, travel agents and suppliers on the future of the industry
  • Get-to-grips with how distribution and merchandising varies across the globe and the future of low-cost airlines adopting hybrid sales strategies
  • Understand the drivers, opportunities and challenges behind merchandising and personalisation
  • Discover how the latest technology innovations are being implemented successfully across the world
  • Manage the impact of payment related fraud, costs and charges
  • Set strategies to manage distribution in the long term
  • Meet small, medium and large suppliers of technology, support and infrastructure


What did attendees from 2014 think:

  • 'Enriching and enlightening forum.'  - Rahul Chogle, ITC Infotech

  • 'Good opportunity to exchange views, build network and learn from different perspectives represented.'  - Zaheer Mirza, Head of Distribution Strategy Review, Monarch Airlines

  • 'Conference was full of expert advice and experience sharing.'  – Matt Grieve, Sales Manager, Hitchhiker Gmbh

  • 'Insightful, engaging.'  – Ivan Berazhny, Senior Lecturer, HAAGA – HELIA

  • 'Education, education, education – great event.'  - James Goodman, Bramann

  • 'Informative and plenty of food for thought.' – Gar Kershan, GM UK & I, SAA

  • 'Time well spent firming up visits and ideas on innovation opportunities for distribution.'  – Paul Pavlides, HCD Airline Ops Solutions, SAA


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