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Change Management in Aviation :: Agenda
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Tuesday 2 December 2014


Registration and refreshments


Opening remarks from the Chair

Peter Davies , CEO and Founder , White Knight Aviation

Networking and discussion groups

Delegates will attend brain storming discussion groups to exchange ideas, discuss the themes of the day and help identify the needs that will be addressed in later roundtables and workshops.

Session leaders:

Janis Vanags, VP Corporate Communications, airBaltic
Derry Huff, Director of Flight Operations, Amerijet
Fernando Val, COO, Vueling Airlines

Managing Simple Change with Complicated Stakeholders : Major Programme Success Stories

  • Major Programme Introduction
    • London 2012 
    • Rio 2016 
    • Thames Tideway
  • Change Challenges
    • Knowing the starting point 
    • Managing the stakeholders 
    • Achieving goals
  • Effective examples
Ken Durbin P.E., Programme Manager / Technical Director, CH2M Hill

Morning refreshments


Case study: From conception to execution: the development of PINS, the leading coalition loyalty program in Northern Europe

  • From FFP BalticMiles to SFP PINS
  • Outline of the greatest challenges
  • Where leadership, responsibilities for implementation lie in an organisation
  • Creating buy-in from shareholder, key staff and departments
  • How business silos were integrated to achieve desired outcomes
  • Which technologies and other investments were made
Baiba Ebuliņa, CCO Coalition Rewards Group, airBaltic

Airline Business Awards winner: Environment - Commercialisation of aviation biofuels: challenges and timelines

  • Where it all begins: ASTM and the certification work for alternative fuels
  • Financing of fuel projects: Promising pathways, but a long road from demonstration and piloting to full scale operation
  • ICAO and IATA: Uncertainty of the final outcome for a global emission scheme
  • Feedstock and the legal framework for Aviation Biofuels: RFS 2 vs. EU-RED
  • Pricing: Same as for JET A-1 fixed to spot markets or independent pricing rules avoiding volatility
  • Carbon Neutral Aviation 2020: More emphasis is needed
  • Imposing a mandate for bio-jetfuel: Is the proposal from Indonesia the way forward?
Karlheinz Haag, Head of Corporate Environment , Lufthansa



Communication masterclass: what businesses can learn from the deaf

As the corporate world pushes for more performance, pressure and stress increase, and consequently misunderstandings, mistakes, clashes and frustration are on the rise. So how can a company produce more and at a better price when the channels of communication are damaged?

A simple, precise and respectful communication has become one of the most valuable assets that a person, a team or a company can possess today! Deaf people can be seen as people who have lost something – hearing – or as people who have gained something – the ability to communicate without sound. As the world is moving away from discrimination and narrow-mindedness, maybe it is time to recognize the real experts and learn from them all those specific behaviors which help them to communicate faster than hearing people, and with much more precision.

The session will address:

  • Remaining simple and precise
  • Daring to say “I don’t know”
  • Talking one after the other
  • Reformulating and checking understanding
  • Remaining focused on the interaction
  • Reading body language
Bruno Kahne, Head of Leadership Faculty, Airbus Group University

KEYNOTE WORKSHOP: Building and sustaining a high performance culture

In an increasingly competitive market, many organisations have a desire to deliver even greater performance and be more agile so that innovation, excellent service and differentiation is a reality.  But it doesn’t just happen because the CEO says it’s what is needed.  The right culture needs to be created, with behaviours from leaders that move the organisation to where they want to be and keep them moving in line with the market.  Sadly, most organisations focus on putting more tools in place rather than focusing on how to truly change attitudes and behaviour.  Tools and process are needed, but they only work when the right change management is put in place, and attention is given to the culture.
Using a host of real examples from her experience and bestselling book (The Culture Builders; Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance), Jane will share her experience of how to create high performing cultures, how to manage change ‘right’ and the leadership role involved. She’ll leave you inspired and thinking about the practical action you can take to truly make a difference.
Come and join us to explore:
  • The critical components that are needed to create a high performance culture and keep it there during change
  • The five roles that are needed of leaders, and when to flex in each, to create and lead a culture where people move around ambitions at speed
Jane Sparrow, CEO and Founder, The Culture Builders

Afternoon refreshments


Overcoming the curse of the silo mentality

  • The Silo Mentality Department (SMD) and why it is a major factor in creating resistance to change
  • The value of teamwork and communication, both within the organisation and across industry peers in overcoming Silos
  • Leadership: looking, learning, listening, and encouraging
  • Lessons learnt from disaster response and resilience networks, and in the world of aviation
Martin Barrow CBE, Director, Matheson & Co

Workshop: Change Management

  • Building the case for change
  • How to create a people-centric approach to projects to ensure full buy in from relevant stakeholders
  • Identifying and engaging key project influencers
  • Creating the right message and communicating it effectively
  • Best practice means to track and monitor progress
  • How to ensure risk management remains central to change
  • Agile responses to unexpected developments
  • Effective benchmarking of process and results
Gerhard Coetzee, SVP Corporate Safety and Quality Assurance, Air Astana

Closing panel: Overview of the day’s developments, questions and next steps

Bert van der Stege, Vice President Commercial , First Air
Ehab Ghazy, Deputy Vice President, Planning, Egyptair Holding Company
Andrew Pozniak , Managing Director & Principal Consultant, Green Aviation

Close of conference

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.
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