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Flight Safety Symposium
26 - 27 September 2017
Park Inn Heathrow, London, UK



Commercial Flight Safety: Day 1

Agenda finalised in conjunction with 

Tuesday 26th September 

08:15     Coffee & Registration

09:00     Conference Chairman's opening remarks

For all delgates in the main hall

David Soucie, Safety Analyst, CNN

09:10     Chairman’s Opening Remarks 

David Soucie, Safety Analyst, CNN

09:15     Opening Panel Discussion: A review and update on aviation safety in 2017 and beyond

  • Analysing the key ideas and processes required to move the industry forward in 2018
  • Reviewing how to integrate and develop safety systems in order to get the most out of them
  • Addressing potential factors required to assist the improvement of systems

Moderator - Rob Hunter, Head of Flight Safety, BALPA

Dr Simon Bennett, Director, Civil Safety and Security Unit (CSSU), University of Leicester

Murdo Morrison, Head of Strategic Content, FlightGlobal

Jorge Leite, VP Quality and Safety, TAP Portugal

Matt Vacanti, Senior Product Manager GE Aviation Digital, GE Aviation

Cengiz Turkoglu, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University

Amit Singh, Fellow Royal Aeronautical Society

10:15    The integration of  FDM (Flight Data Monitoring) into the SMS process

  • FDM link to the airline safety plan and the EPAS (European Plan for Aviation Safety)
  • Analysing FDM in safety promotion within the enterprise
  • Tying in FDM to a safety culture

Pascal Kremer, Airline Safety Manager, Luxair

10:45     Mid-Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

11:15     Pilot monitoring: The last line of defence

  • Analysing the evolution of the monitoring role
  • The challenges of monitoring high reliability systems
  • A look at case studies and industry best practices

Walter Schwyzer, Captain, Korean Air

11:45     Improving unstable approaches through better risk management

  • Analysis of an unstable approach incident with a ''normal'' event rate
  • Reducing unstable approaches and UA landings over the next 2 years
  • Analysing the risk tarnsfer to the Go-around
  • Risk Management with compliant and less Go-arounds

Gerhard Coetzee, Senior VP Corporate Safety Compliance, Air Astana

12:15     Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area

13:45     Managing by fact: The use of safety data in an SMS environment

  • Analysing the limitations of Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) systems
  • A look at industry benchmarks 
  • Analysing the data: Have the number of reports increased?
  • A analysis of the quality of the data
  • A look at data protection issues and what this means for safety data

Giancarlo Buono, Director Safety and Flight Operations, Europe, IATA

14:15      How do we measure safety performance in aviation?

  • Assessing the suitability of existing safety performance indicators
  • Developing alternative process and safety outcome metrics
  • Validating the alternative indicators in practice with help of the industry
  • Translating this knowledge into a tool for the industry to evaluate safety in a more objective way than is currently possible.

Dr. Nektarios Karanikas, Associate Professor of Safety & Human Factors, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences / Aviation Academy

14:45    Afternoon Tea & Networking in the Exhibition Area

15:15    Prioritising the lesson: How can we make it more important to learn than to blame?

  • Avoiding the blame game and promoting a Just culture
  • Establishing and dealing with violations
  • Developing appropriate channels to encourage occurence reporting
  • Mitigating the issues which prevent frank and open discussions across the industry

Daniel Olufisan, Training Director & Principal Airworthiness Consultant, Wing Engineering Limited

15:45     Maintenance hazard identification, Safety performance indicators and Safety Performance targets

  • Brief introduction to the Dubai Air Wing SMS
  • EASA significant seven but what about airworthiness?
  • SPI's for 145 AMO's
  • SPT and measuring criteria

Andrew Lawson, Manager Quality and Safety, Dubai Air Wing

16:15     What is the most innovative safety solution in 2017?

A select few vendors will demonstrate cutting edge safety solutions to our panel of industry experts and audience to vie for the award of most innovative solution 2017

This nwill be held in the main conference area

17:00     Closing Remarks from the Chairman

David Soucie, Safety Analyst, CNN

17:15     Networking Drinks Reception 

18:15     End of Day 1

Commercial Flight Safety: Day 2

Wednesday 27th September 

08:45     Coffee & Registration

09:35     Chairman’s Opening Remarks 

David Soucie, Safety Analyst, CNN

09:45    An overview on safety of regional operations, the distinct challenges, progress and opportunities

  • A look at FDM, SMS, that are not reflected in the OEM market sector
  • ICAO’s “no country left behind”  and address what does this mean in reality for many operators 

Christopher McGregorFlight Safety Officer - Head of Flight Safety, ATR

10:15    ''SMS problems!''

  • Strategies and tactics to gain support and resources
  • How to devise your SMS measurables
  • The trouble with the matrix

Silas Hays. Managing Director, THI-SMS

10:45     Mid-Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

11:15     Creating and managing the safety culture within your organisation

  • Avoiding complacency and encouraging the right culture in across the enterprise
  • Ensuring buy-in from senior management: Best practice to obtain involvement
  • Achieving a just culture
  • What are the most effective safety training management and programmes for your organisation?
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Implementing a safety culture across outsourced services

Dai Whittingham, CEO, UK Flight Safety Committee

11:45     Overall good year for safety – Challenge continues – how do we improve as traffic continues to grow?

  • Performance Based Rules – part of the safety management story.  
  • What does that mean for Design, Production and Maintenance?  Can it be kept simple in a complex world?  
  • Mutual recognition – working arrangements – standardisation 
  • Has the momentum been lost?  Who is promoting the benefits?  

John Vincent, CEO, International Federation of Airworthiness

12:15     Closing Remarks from the Chairman 

David Soucie, Safety Analyst, CNN

12:30     Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area

14:00     End of Conference

 Air Traffic Control

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