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Flight Safety Symposium
26 - 27 September 2017
Park Inn Heathrow, London, UK




David Soucie
Safety Analyst

David consistently demonstrates his ability to build teams of innovative professionals with common values and shared vision who are capable of facing challenges and accepting opportunities with intent, conviction and an open mind.

After retiring from a seventeen-year career and senior position at the Federal Aviation in Washington D.C., David became internationally recognized as an expert and passionate spokesman for the promotion of aviation and public safety. CNN relies on David’s confident and calming demeanor on- air in times of national and international tragedy.

Day after day, month after month David tirelessly shared knowledgeable insight for millions of CNN viewers as the few bits of information on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH-370 trickled in. His book on the subject has become known as the most thorough analysis of MH370. As a a top- selling author David has become known as an innovative thought leader in the field of systemic risk management.

Above all, David introduces a firm note of sensitivity and respect for those who lost their lives in all of his writings and appearances. Something often missing in today's reporting.

To learn more about how economic drivers impact safety risk analysis by large corporations, David completed the Strategic IQ Program for Business Strategy at Harvard Executive Business School in 2011. This education has resulted in an effective common narrative for corporate safety risk management which David provides through his "Dare to Repair your Thinking" lecture series to Boeing, the Transportation Safety Institute and other large corporations.

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