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Loyalty 2018
5th - 7th February 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

ANALYSIS: Airlines rethink reward systems

05 December 2017 - Ravindra Bhagwanani, Global Flight

As As Air France-KLM becomes the latest carrier to move from distance to revenue as the basis for earning miles in its frequent flyer programme, Global Flight managing director Ravinda Bhagwanani looks into the inherent complexities the co-existing schemes present for airlines considering whether to make the switch in models. Read more 


05 December 2017 - Amadeus

What are the key issues in the current world of Loyalty?

The key issue that airline loyalty programmes are currently facing is to deliver on the aspirational promises the programmes are built on. Programmes have over the years evolved into successful revenue generators and efficient tools that help keep travellers engaged with the airline. The big challenge is to make sure that the profitable business developed around the airline loyalty proposition continues to deliver tangible value to its members; otherwise, programmes will slowly diminish as they will lose their relevance and attractiveness to their most valuable asset.

What does your company do to fix them?

Amadeus is currently creating a next generation loyalty portfolio, which stretches beyond the normal loyalty system remit. Our offering is designed around an integrated data concept addressing the two dimensional business challenge airline programmes are facing in developing attractive propositions to members and partners. We are fully committed to supporting airlines in the era of datafication and constant connectivity, with digital solutions that allow airlines to serve its customers in completely new ways.

What insight are you going to share at the conference?

We will continue the journey we started in London on how programmes will shape the future of loyalty by building emotional member connections and by remaining relevant to their customers. We will also give the audience a taste of how new technology will revolutionise the way travel is consumed and you will also have a chance to meet us in the networking area, where a surprise awaits you which will revitalise you and ensure that you are ready to shape the future of loyalty with us.

SPEAKER INTERVIEW: Steven Greenway, CEO at Reward U

23 November 2017 - Reward U

Maybe it’s time to get to Loyalty 2018 and discuss it with your peers? Steven Greenway, CEO at Reward U feels that one of the issues in need of discussion is that millennials are underserved and overlooked in the loyalty market. Are they the market to target? And how do you grab the younger market’s fickle loyalty?

Another area in need of further opinion, is the issue that maybe there are too many individual loyalty programmes with single benefit? Does this all need a major rethink?

Well, one thing is certain, you do not have to miss out on the conversation.

Greenway also feels that future challenges for the industry will definitely include integrating new technologies to provide seamless user experience and of course future regulatory change; but also finding balance between personalized products, services and sensitivity of consumer data. As transformation will continue in the future for the industry, automation & speedy self-service will remain challenging while still maintaining the personal touch to make members feel valued.

ARTICLE: FinTech start-up PINS receives funding from Japanese investment consortium

09 November 2017 - PINS 

PINS today announced the acquisition of all the foreign subsidiaries of PINS.co outside the Baltics and Finland and the related technologies developed by these entities. A strong investment consortium from Japan and Western Europe will own this new global FinTech start-up which will be named PINS. Read the full article

SPEAKER INTERVIEW: Yi GAO, Swinburne University of Technology

03 November 2017 - Yi Gao 

1. What are the key loyalty issues that need to be discussed?

Are loyalty programs becoming more and more independent to the airlines? For most of the programs, airlines only represent one way of earning and redeeming points/miles among many ways.

2. What are the future challenges you see the industry facing?

Is the overall customer base of the loyalty industry growing? How can loyalty programs of airlines of a small country/region survive in the competition with giant international counterparts?

3. If you could give people in the industry one piece of advice what would it be?

While these guys are aggressive in signing new partners in order to provide more earning opportunities, they need to focus on redemption available as well. Otherwise, the fast growth trend won’t last too long and is harmful to the industry overall.

4. What are you most looking forward to about Loyalty 2018?

Networking opportunities, especially with asian airlines.


BLOG: What is wrong with FFP spin-offs?

05 September 2017 - Global Flight 

This year has already seen two major failures for spin-off FFPs, putting a likely end to what many claimed to be the big trend a few years ago. But some elements of the spin-off model might be worth keeping just with a slight different approach. Read more


BLOG: Engaged customers - opportunity or risk?

22 August 2017 - Global Flight 

Compared to other industries, the travel industry has the advantage that many customers have a natural high level of engagement. This is, first of all, a tremendous opportunity for our industry. But at the same time a risk, too. Read more

BLOG: Loyalty beyond the obvious

2 August 2017 - Global Flight 

Well designed loyalty programs should manage to increase revenues, through increasing revenues with existing customers and/or through reaching out to new customers. But many programs fail to do so - and might still be considered successful. Read more

BLOG: What's next for the Gulf Carriers?

28 July 2017 - Global Flight 

The three big Gulf carriers find themselves all of a sudden in difficult conditions, although for very different reasons. As this is new territory for at least two of them it will be interesting to watch what this will mean for thier FFPs. Read more 

BLOG: Staying on point with loyalty effort

27 July 2017 - Global Flight 

Ravindra Bhagwanani, the managing director of Global Flight, examines the challenges daced by the airline sector as it looks for new ways to engage with and reward customers as their epxectations change beyond traditional assumptions. The 2017 loyalty events provide a good indicator of where the airline and travel loyalty industry is heading. Learn more about the recent trends and how a more holitic understanding of loyalty seems to be where the market is shifting to. Read more 



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