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Loyalty 2018
5th - 7th February 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

What is wrong with FFP spin-offs?

05 September 2017 - Global Flight 

This year has already seen two major failures for spin-off FFPs, putting a likely end to what many claimed to be the big trend a few years ago. But some elements of the spin-off model might be worth keeping just with a slight different approach. Read more


Engaged customers - opportunity or risk?

22 August 2017 - Global Flight 

Compared to other industries, the travel industry has the advantage that many customers have a natural high level of engagement. This is, first of all, a tremendous opportunity for our industry. But at the same time a risk, too. Read more

Loyalty beyond the obvious

2 August 2017 - Global Flight 

Well designed loyalty programs should manage to increase revenues, through increasing revenues with existing customers and/or through reaching out to new customers. But many programs fail to do so - and might still be considered successful. Read more

What's next for the Gulf Carriers?

28 July 2017 - Global Flight 

The three big Gulf carriers find themselves all of a sudden in difficult conditions, although for very different reasons. As this is new territory for at least two of them it will be interesting to watch what this will mean for thier FFPs. Read more 

Staying on point with loyalty effort

27 July 2017 - Global Flight 

Ravindra Bhagwanani, the managing director of Global Flight, examines the challenges daced by the airline sector as it looks for new ways to engage with and reward customers as their epxectations change beyond traditional assumptions. The 2017 loyalty events provide a good indicator of where the airline and travel loyalty industry is heading. Learn more about the recent trends and how a more holitic understanding of loyalty seems to be where the market is shifting to. Read more 



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